30 Days to your first 5k program

Have you every wanted to complete a 5K running race but just didn’t know where to begin?  Team Robertson Ready has put together a 30 day workout calendar to help you achieve that goal!  It’s a beginners guide where your goal is to finish feeling great!  It also includes a nutrition guide to help you lose weight or maintain your weight, providing  a simple meal plan to follow with healthy food choices.  Get your FREE copy by downloading the e-Book today!


Team Robertson Ready was inspired by our head coach John Robertson who has been involved in Triathlon, Running, & General Fitness & Nutrition for over 15 years!
John strongly believes in individualized plans instead of the usual cookie cutter plans you see out there so frequently. John not only is a Weight Loss and Fitness Coach for TRR, but he also is our ATHLETE COACH for those triathletes and runners who are looking to improve on their time and performance.


I originally set a goal of gaining 10 lbs of muscle in 12 months. With John’s help, I was able to achieve this result in 10 months, all while enjoying the food I had to eat along the way to make this happen. He was realistic with the progress, and made sure to hold me accountable, as well as knowing when to back off. If you are looking to get stronger and add muscle to your frame he is your guy!

Steve M.

John’s guidance for my weight loss journey was exactly what I needed for success. He encouraged me to continue fighting the fight when the times got tough. He laid out a timeline that we adhered to, and kept chipping away until the results came. He gave me an individual plan, not some cookie cutter advice that you often see these days.

Laura M.

Coach John is 100% committed to helping people become better and healthier athletes. He’s given me unmatched guidance and support for years to help me achieve my athletic goals.

Dustin S.

John could not be a better coach. He loves everything about fitness and truly lives the lifestyle. As a coach he always checks in and really works to make sure you are enjoying and getting the most out of every workout!I have seen a PR at every race so far and can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

Andrew H.

Teamrobertsonready truly is a fantastic way to start any fitness goals you may have! I never thought I could run 20 minutes, let alone a half marathon, but with the amazing coaching and encouragement I crossed that finish line! The coaching was personal and really made me feel like I had someone on my side telling me I could run that extra mile. The coaching was the perfect mix of accountability and encouragement. I am forever grateful to John for not only getting me to my goal, but also changing my entire mindset towards one of success and self accomplishment.

Christina J.

Having known John for almost 20 years now, I can’t think of a better coach to have. His knowledge of triathlon, combined with nutrition is hard to find in these circles. I am not at all surprised at the growth he has had with his coaching business.

John S.

I can not explain how lucky I am to have stumbled upon John. His expertise has been invaluable to my training and fitness ability. John’s knowledge in mobility, strength,nutrition,triathlon and even shoes has improved my performance, confidence, and recovery in training. John has me excited to tackle each weeks workouts (specifically running), as well as long swims and bike rides. He took the time to meet me at the pool to go over my swim technique, gave me a proper bike fit, as well as helped with my run mechanics. John also has provided nutrition tips to help with recovery, as well as proper strength training to aid in my triathlon goals. It’s wonderful to have a coach who can truly do it all with knowledge, excitement, dedication, and support.

Carly A.