5 Key Components to Better Health

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5 Key Components to Better Health

When it comes to health and fitness and the entire spectrum of wellness, there are five key components that I am certain will greatly increase every aspect of your health.

Number one is SLEEP.  Without a doubt most don’t get enough nor seem to care, but this can be very detrimental to your health.  The brain is the only organ in our body that does not have a way of detoxing itself…the way it actually does this is through sleep!  A rested brain means your body will function at it’s best.

Number two is SUNSHINE. I am amazed how little outside time most people get. They go from house to car to office, to car to home.  All it takes is a little sunshine to get the right amount of Vitamin D your body needs, and more importantly spending time outside is good for your mental health.  Vitamin D has been linked to stronger bones, boosted immune system, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke, and so much more.  Get outside folks!

Number three is SEX.  Boosting your immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, easing stress, & lowering risk of a heart attack are just a few of the many ways sex benefits the human body, not to mention it absolutely brings closeness to a relationship.  This doesn’t mean you have to start trolling the bars or street corners, but if you’re in a relationship with someone it does mean take accountability.  Make time for sex with your partner…it not only will help improve your relationship, but the effects are proven to be extremely beneficial to the human body.

Number four is NUTRITION. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence of what this can do to improve ones health. It really is quite simple.  Focusing on a whole food diet comprised of lean meats, healthy fats, fresh fruits and veggies, and everything else in moderation is the way to go.  The problem most people seem to have is controlling the “everything else in moderation” rule.  I typically follow the 80/20 rule, and recommend this to clients as well.  80% of the time eat whole nutritious foods, 20% of the time eat the foods you want but know aren’t the best choice…this will help keep your cravings at bay and keep you from binging when you get your hands on the “forbidden” food.  As Hippocrates said “Let food be they medicine and medicine be they food.”

Number five is EXERCISE. You don’t have to compete an ironman triathlon to reap the benefits, just maintain that engine with some huff and puff exercise combined with a little bit of resistance training.  No doubt you will feel better and look better by including this in your daily routine.

So there is that perfect day- wake up after eight hours of sleep, 40 minute run outside on your lunch break, whole food nutrition throughout your day, sex before bed with your spouse.  Including these 5 components into your daily routine is better than any medication a doctor can give you for general health and wellness.