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Female Athlete Triad

Some of you might have heard of the female athlete triad before. This condition is seen in all sports, but mainly seen in running and gymnastics. The triad combines these three issues- eating disorders, amenorrhoea, and osteoporosis. Typically if the athlete is suffering from one of these issues, then good chance they are suffering from the other two as well. Some of the symptoms of this triad are fatigue, hastened recovery from workouts, bone fractures, weight loss, anemia, bradycardia, as well as hypersensitivity to cold. Who is the most at risk? The highest incidence occurs in highschool and college age. Most of the time the triad occurs when athlete’s are trying to maintain a certain weight for competition or get there too quickly or maybe try and hold this “peak” weight for too long....

How to find lactate threshold?

I hear this topic come up quite a bit, so I thought I would try and make it easier for some of you. Lactate threshold is defined as the exercise intensity at which lactate  starts to accumulate in the blood stream. Without adding too much confusion with regards to what is going on at the cellular level, lets stick with how to find this necessary heart rate. We have all seen the 220- your age x the % of intensity to set that heart rate monitor of yours. This is not exact and I can give you several examples of occurences when it was off. A better , more scientific method is a lactate threshold test. This test is best done by running for 30...